This diary has been created to bring the community of Frome (Somerset, UK) together, and get as many people as possible active and engaged in events in and around the town. The website is for all ages and all types of events, and can be used in two ways:

For Business / Charity / Community Events

If you are a business, a charity or a member of the community, you can use the Frome Diary as your advertising board and save on flyers, adverts in local papers and posters.

As part of the partnership with FromeFM we will do our best to mention your events on air too. All events, where given more than 72 hours notice and where possible will be promoted.  With live radio it is not always possible (we can’t be held responsible if we fail to mention your event) but we want to ensure you we will do our best to keep you happy. We do reserve the right not to publish an event both on our web site and/or on air.

Local residents and visitors

As a Fromie, a member of the local community or even a visitor, you can browse through the Frome Diary to find events to enjoy with your family and friends. You can also subscribe to the diary by using your existing diary such as Outlook or Google Calendar, amongst others.

For more information or for help submitting your events, please contact:

fromediary@mail.com or events@fromediary.com

Join in the fun!





Terms and Conditions

  1. The events on this diary are posted “as-is” (Frome Diary has the right to edit according to layout and style).
  2. Neither Frome Diary nor FromeFM can be held responsible for any mistakes, errors, inaccuracies or cancellations. Please check with event organisers in advance as the organisers are responsible for their own events.
  3. No event will be published which is in anyway unlawful.  This includes any form of discrimination against others based on age, gender, race, religion, political or religious beliefs as well as events that are help in venues that are not legally covered.
  4. Frome Diary nor FromeFM will be held responsible for images used on listings that are not licenced or have permission or copyright to use for your event.  This is based on UK and international copyright laws.
  5. Frome Diary and FromeFM will be using your events and details across social media channels and on the air, so please ensure you are happy with your information being made public.
  6. Frome Diary and FromeFm are merely platforms for local groups and businesses to promote their events.  Publications on the website and aired on FromeFm in no way endorses the listed events.
  7. Frome Diary reserves the right to publish or remove any event submitted without notification or warning.
  8. Frome Diary and FromeFM will not be held liable for any incidents, injury or damage incurred at any of the events listed on the website, which includes any legal claims, actions or law suits.
  9. By submitting your event, you are accepting these terms and conditions.