Adult Self Defence

July 3, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Holy Trinity Church Hall
Trinity St
Frome BA11
£3 a class
Modern Warrior Training
07599 299696

Research has shown that the most common attacks to women come from behind and often involved grabbing. For men they are often head on and involve striking. To give a student the best chance of overcoming an attack we will train the situations that a most relevant to you.

Teaching Focus
Classes are friendly but serious. Training is always fun, but as the situations are serious there is a lot more focus on technique and fitness. Addrenalised training is used each lesson. There is padwork and sometimes sparing between students. We talk about scenarios but adults have more life experience and sense so there is not so much play acting to explain. There are lots of practising with each other and ramping up intensity. Students are also taught the Law in regard to self defence some hopefully from any encounter you stay on the right side of it.

Benefits of Training
* Skills can literally save your life!
* Skills to save the life of others.
* Fitness, Strength, Stamina & Health
* Confidence in your daily life
* Confidence in protecting your loved ones.

1st Class if Free then it’s just £3 a week afterwards.