How to Add Your Event

If you have an event you would like to share with the Frome community, please click on the pink +Post Your Event button at the top right of the diary / calendar to add your event.

  1. Fill in all the fields.
  2. It is very important for your guests to have a contact.  Many will not ring you, but you need to ensure your are accessible on email.
  3. Make sure you add your venue as your tags on the event.  This way people can search for events at a specific venue.
  4. For websites, ensure you add in http:// before the www.  The site will tell you if your format is incorrect, so rather ‘copy and paste’ your website link than type it in.
  5. Please attach a photograph or a flyer to show your guests your evvent or the venue. This will make your event stand out on the diary.
  6. You do not need to put the name of the venue in the ‘Event Title’.  The system will automatically pull the venue name from the ‘Venue Name’ field and prefix it with @.

The more information you add in, the better.

Click ‘Submit’ for approval.

A screenshot of the event submission form, it's that simple.

A screenshot of the event submission form, it’s that simple.

As soon as it is approved, your event will feature on the calendar/ diary website.  It will appear on the Frome Diary Facebook Page before the event as well as on Frome Diary’s Twitter feed.

Whether your event is a special in your restaurant, or in a pub, a coffee morning, a sports event, poetry evening, dance class, a charity event, fundraiser or a quiz… let everyone in Frome know and get as many people to your event as possible.

If you need help, please email: or

Have fun creating memories!