We Love Frome Diary

“Frome Diary is working!”

Andy Ball (The Emotional Workout), January 2018

“Thanks so much for your continued support and this fab website.”

Tanya Anderson (Arbonne International Business Builder), April 2017

“The Frome Diary has been really good for people noticing the classes, I have found it very difficult putting posters up around town as they often get covered over or taken down from notice boards.”

Lois Shilton (Yoga Frome), February 2017

“Had more positive enquiries from people who saw the event on the Frome Diary website!”

Andrew Ball (Emotional Workout Frome), January 2017

“Thanks again for such a fabulous service. I really do think the Frome Diary is just fantastic!”

Tanya Anderson (Women in Business Networking Lounge), October 2016

“Thanks so much for offering such a helpful service to the community.”

Rachael (Fearless Yogi – Frome), August 2016

“We have spoken to quite a few people who rely on your hard work with the site to let them know what’s going on!”

Toby Prin, (Frome’s New Venue at the Wheatsheaves), January 2016

“Good to see that Frome is alive and continues to offer an  excellent range of courses and activities to both visitors and residents….great stuff! Thanks again.”

Michael Vincent (The Salthouse), January 2015

“Frome Diary are the most wonderfully helpful people. Hurrah for helpful and caring Frome people.”

Little Victory Ball, January 2015

“It is a delightful site to use.”

Kelsang Chonden, Buddhist monk

“Thanks for sharing details of our Stones and Stories event last weekend – we were thrilled to welcome over 100 people and have many more fun family events lined up this year. Great to see such a good diary to keep track of all these amazing things going on in our lovely town!”

Frome Museum, May 2014

“We really love this site! It’s so easy to use and great that it is free – as a charity it’s hard to get out there with events.”

We Hear You, May 2014

“Thank you very much for this fantastic resource.”

Active & In Touch, May 2014