31st December 1873

The Bridge Hotel as a story to tell about the 31st December 1873. It was located at 3 The Bridge, and was originally a three-story house on the bridge over the River Frome. In 1872, the Bridge Hotel was quoted in a police report as being ‘the worst conducted house in Frome.’ It was a challenging pub to run and manage. When Charles George Tucker and his wife took over the pub, they did all they could to clean it up. A very hard-working couple, Mr and Mrs Tucker supplemented their income with their own hearse hire company which rented out a ‘shillibeer’ – a horse-drawn hearse which had additional seats for mourners.

Many customer refused to leave when they had had too much to drink. There are many recorded incidents including New Year’s Eve, the 31st December, in 1873. A young labourer, Samuel Dartnell got into an argument with Samuel Hinton in the pub. Dartnell stabbed Hinton six times. In a panic Dartnell went on the run. He travelled along the railway line to Wiltshire and then made his way to Hampshire, where he finally handed himself in. His guilty sentence came with seven years hard labour. Thankfully Horton recovered to see many more New Years Eves.

Across the road is the Noble Blue House

Today, the nearest Hotel to where the Bridge Hotel was located is the George Hotel