Jazz at the Griffin by Moira Andrew

Sunday afternoon
last light
a fire smouldering
in the hearth
an occasional spurting flame
jazz notes from a flute
soaring into the air
a trumpet reaching up
to draw gem-stone colours
on the gathering dark
a keyboard scattering tunes
like pebbles on water
a guitar threading pickpocket music
into the mix
and a girl
swaying to the beat’
her voice rich with the words
of Summertime
wrapping the listeners
in the sound of sadness
their drinks forgotten –
then a growing silence
broken only
by a shower of sparks

Moira Andrew

Born and educated in Scotland.  Ex-Head Teacher, college and university lecturer.  She has written several books on art and creative writing for primary teachers, published by Belair.  Also books for children, the most recent Grandad’s Party, Poetry Space, 2016 and a collection Wish a Wish, 2014, Poetry Space.  She has seven collections of poetry for adults:  Light the Blue Touch Paper, Iron Press, Fresh out of Dragonflies, Headlock Press, This year, Next year, Marvin Katz Press, Firebird, IDP, Man in the Moon, IDP, Box of Sky, Integral, (parallel translation into Romanian) and most recently, Breakfast with Swallows, Austin McAuley.

Another pub in Frome is the Blue Boar – you might enjoy THIS piece.