Limit Breaker – The Thing Blocking You From Achieving Your Dreams Is You

By Gina Lucia of Limit Breaker

As women, it’s a sad fact that from a young age we’re conditioned to act a certain way. Even if your parents steered you away from it, even if your friends were empowered, chances are, society and the media have a way of conditioning you anyway. So, how do we become a limit breaker?

We go through life doubting ourselves at the expense of our wellbeing and growth. These doubts manifest as limiting beliefs.

The term ‘limiting beliefs’ is where I started my journey. A limiting belief is called a belief because you believe it. It is your truth, even if it isn’t actually true. When figuring this out, I acted on my limiting beliefs to change my perspective and life for the better.

The simple act of realising that the only thing holding me back was me, propelled me forward into public speaking, recording video, and becoming authentically myself. It was at this point that I started Limit Breaker in 2018. Its main goal was to help women overcome their limiting beliefs (hence the name Limit Breaker).

It has since evolved from a blog, into a coaching website and now to a news/magazine site specifically aimed at introverted business women.

The core of who you are

The ‘limit breaker’ talk I did for Frome Women’s Network established the ‘core self’ of everyone in the workshop. They were encouraged to strip away their perceived identity and get down to the core of themselves. You can do the exercise yourself here:

The important takeaway from this was that when you establish your core, you can bounce back quicker when one of the things you identify with comes crashing down.

The next phase of the workshop explored the attendees limiting beliefs, reshaped them and moulded them into something new. If you missed the workshop, here’s a quick breakdown:

Limiting beliefs: We become what we think about

A limiting belief is called a belief because you believe it. It is your truth, even if it isn’t actually true.

Here’s one of my old ones: ‘I can’t talk in front of a group of people because I’m an introvert’

These usually start in our childhood. We are told something by our parents, classmates, friends, strangers, or the media and it sticks.

To reframe your limiting belief, find the truth behind it and reshape it into something new.

You can ask yourself:

  • Is it actually impossible?
  • Could I actually do it?
  • Have people like me done it themselves?
  • Am I actually that thing?

Then re-write it and keep it somewhere visible so you can keep it constantly in your mind to replace the limit.

Here’s mine:

I’m perfectly capable of talking in front of a group of people, with practice I would be an expert in it.’

“Whatever you think today becomes what you are tomorrow.” – Napolean Hill

The next steps of the limit breaker process:

  1. Tell somebody who is unapologetically supportive of you
  2. Look at these new truth statements constantly
  3. Solidify your new belief by taking the smallest possible action to get the ball rolling (something that can be done in 5 minutes)

The workshop’s aim was for the attendees to see that anything was possible if they believe it can be done. The limiting beliefs they (and I) had held for years, could finally start to unravel and become something empowering.

Now it’s your turn, start taking control of your life, mind and values and break past those limiting beliefs. Stand in front of your own crowd of people, write that book, embrace your ability to try, fail and get back up again. I know you can do it.

About Gina

Gina Lucia is the Founder of Limit Breaker, a website which hosts articles on authentic business, life balance and growth from the perspective of introverts around the world. Gina’s mission is to give introverts a voice, one that’s authentic, true to their natural instincts and serves their wellbeing and empowerment.

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