Women are Great!

We are great.  Women, I mean.  Men are too – let’s just put that out there.  But this blog is not about them.  It’s about us, women, and how marvelous we are. 

It has taken me time to get comfortable with owning being great – standing in my power and not apologizing for being all of who I am – a women, a business owner, a clown (yes really), a mother, a comedy performer, a writer, a gay woman – the list goes on and on, as it will do for all of you. 


We, as humans, play lots of different roles. These roles are not acts or make-believe. They are true.  When I travel the world speaking and working with amazing women, I do find there to be one truth. When you allow a woman to stop, reflect and look where she truly is, then anything is possible.  The challenge is giving ourselves the time to do just that.  Stop. 

The act of you participating in a women’s group and reading this blog, demonstrates that you have a thirst for growth, a curiosity to reflect, shift, change and perhaps pause to check-in on you.  This is vital. 

As we do play so many roles, we find ourselves consistently cursed with the word and the reality of the “busy”.  However, in this world where we are so “on life” all the time, we are always going to be “busy” if we allow ourselves to constantly be in reactive mode.  Imagine what is possible if we allow ourselves to shift into a proactive role and start taking control of ourselves and our “busy”.

Being Proactive

When we start being proactive with our time, the world changes.  I have noticed for myself, that the small act of taking ownership of my diary changed things for me and my life. I realised that I could always be “busy” with work, performing and child care. Before I knew it, there was no space for me, and no time for my need to grow.  These things include time with my friends and family, fun, self-care, exercise – you get the idea.  But, by putting these things in my diary, I know that I have created even just a little space of time where I can focus on just me.  This for women, is a challenge. 

Making time to go to groups, taking a class, networking – all the things that help us grow as women, can be the things that get dropped when we are caught up in the “busy”. Turning up to events and meetings – this is when women can come together as a community, where we can share, inspire each other and be brave in growing ourselves.


This is what this community is for.  It is the time for you. Whatever stage of life we are in, we all need a community – a place to belong.  This space is for women to come together to use our amazing natural skills of nurture, collaboration, wisdom… oh, the list here is endless.  This is how we individually, become the best version of ourselves…and be happy! 

Happiness is contagious, and so, by investing in you – you are investing in happiness for all those around you.  A happy world is a good place, and from there, just think of all the good we as women can do.

Frome Diary

Emma Stroud

MC, performer, speaker mentor, business owner and playwright

Emma is co-director of her own business Truth.Works, Clown in Residence for the Psychologies magazine with her regular column (read one of her articles about ‘How to thrive as a woman‘) and a TEDx speaker. Emma was Winner of the Best Newcomer Speaker at Vistage, where she spoke about the challenges female leaders face.

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